It’s War!


We’re really lucky to have managed to keep chickens for years without intruders. Our luck has run out. Yesterday, upon awakening the coop door was wide open. Chickens were wandering all over our (and our neighbor’s) yard. In the bird’s fenced enclosure there was a pile of feathers and two feet. Looks like my girls had a nighttime visitor from Mr. Raccoon.

We shored up security in the Egg Chalet. I added more hardware to both the entrance and hen door.


They will be securely padlocked in at night. I don’t think Mr. Raccoon can manage a lock and key. Take that!

Here’s a photo of the new chicks. They change so much in a few weeks.


We are down to five chicks. One was smooshed by it’s mates. Another suffered a fall during play with a child. And one became fine dining for Mr. Raccoon. We’re doing our best at this point to make sure these gals make it to maturity. It’s a battle between us and Mr. Raccoon — what will get eaten first, the chicken or the egg — we’re pulling for the egg.


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