Adventures in Eating

Guess what we had for dinner a few days ago. Tongue.

Looks gross, eh? I saw it at a local farmers market — organic, grass fed beef tongue. I have always been curious about this cut — knowing that tongue was considered a delicacy at one time. I wondered whether it really was tasty. I felt brave and renegade-like buying something so hideous with the intent to cook and eat it. My kids almost retched when I showed them what was for dinner. I cooked it in a crock pot all afternoon with some peppercorns, parsley and a sliced onion. After skinning it, it looked much more appetizing. Underneath the disgusting, hairy-looking skin is, well, muscle which is pure meat. I sliced it and tossed it in a skillet with some sauteed onion and taco seasoning.


We ate it rolled in homemade corn tortillas. Delicious! The kids even rated “tongue tacos” as a 9.5 on the yummy-food grading system we have (10 is best!). It didn’t hurt that they had faux-margaritas with their tacos.



Hey, I am not above bribery to get them to try new foods. This time, it worked.



  1. Sarah said

    Hand over the faux margaritas, but I don’t think I am brave enough to try tongue. Bravo to your courageous kiddos!

  2. Megan said

    Jamon declared “No, never, never never ever. no.” LOL
    Your kids were brave, very brave!

  3. These are my favorite tacos to order at our local taco stand! I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed Lengua (Spanish for tongue) until a friend and I went to a MEXICAN restaurant for lunch. When you walk in and you’re one of the few “Gringo’s” you know it’s REAL Mexican food! As a child we made Empanidita’s at Christmas and tongue is one of my favorite fillings. Congratulations on introducing them to your family!

  4. shannon said

    oh the picture squicks me out! kudos to you guys.

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