Bubbling Bubba

Meet my latest kitchen experiment — sourdough starter which I have affectionately named Bubba.


I made Bubba from scratch out of two simple ingredients — water and flour. I feed Bubba everyday. I sniff and examine him to determine whether he’s thriving or dwindling. I read about how to make him more hearty and hale. In a way, it’s like raising a child or at least like developing a long-term relationship. And it’s a relationship with give and take. In return for my care, Bubba has given me sourdough biscuits and sourdough flapjacks. I’m going to put him to work on some bread this afternoon.

I’m hoping this is a relationship that last and yields many delicious results. I hope he doesn’t turn sour and get all stinky. If that happens, we’ll have to break up and he’ll be so outta here. In the meantime, I’m enthralled with my Bubba.


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