Renaissance Faire — at last!

In early May, we went to the Renaissance Faire. The Faire is a yearly tradition for our family. Each and every one of us LOVES wearing costumes and stepping back in time for the day. We brought along two extra boys — my nephew, B, and DNA’s friend, also in costume. It took a while but I have finally uploaded the photos.
Yes, I know that isn’t the best photo ever……but it’s the only one I had of the entire group of us.

The boys bought wooden swords and let loose on each other.

They ate turkey legs.

We were lucky with the weather this year. It was mild and we did not swelter like last year. We stayed all day but had many breaks.

Since we have been doing this for several years, I now have quite a range of boy costume sizes. I had some pants to make and a new shirt for John. My costume was pretty much the same as last year.

I made a new cap and re-made my bodice. This time I added even more boning to the bodice and bigger grommets for closure — the kind that are applied with a hammer and much pain since I kept getting my thumb in the way. I added a large embroidered rooster to John’s tunic. He was teased repeatedly about his big, errrrr, cockerel. I was much amused.



  1. Megan said

    I’m glad John finally got his rooster. 🙂 muhaHAHA.

  2. Christy said

    Look at that lusty wench!

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