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Green Hats

I knit these hats during one long day of sitting in the car.
They were all from the same pattern (different sizes) but I added my own variations. The two bottom ones were gifted to my friend’s little boys. The top ones are in need of a home. The small elf hat is baby-sized — 6 months to a year. The large one fits a big-headed kid or adult. $14 each plus shipping. Email me if you’re interested.

Ack!! I can’t get the photo to rotate and it’s making me mental. The ones for sale are the two hats on the left.


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I {heart} NY

During our trip to the Big Apple, we got a little taste of NYC hospitality.

This was taken in a subway station where you are apparently out of luck if you’re lost or have questions. We watched people go up and rap on the window. The guys would point to his sign without even looking at them. It begs the question of WHY the guy was even there at all. We mused that he probably hangs the sign up when he gets there and takes it down when he leaves.

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When we were in Pittsburgh, we took my children to see my Grandmother. Gram is 97 and gets more beautiful each year. Unfortunately, she had no idea who I was and kept asking how many children I had ‘tho all were with me.

Gram did seem to recognize John. Which, in a way, isn’t surprising. Throughout my whole life, she called me the names of all my girl cousins and rarely had my name right. She did, however, always call John by his name. I think she has always been fond of him. Some things age just can’t erase.

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Back from Vacation

We were away the last couple weeks. A family trip to Pittsburgh, New York City and Boston that involved much driving, great times with dear friends (and family) and, on my part, a lot of knitting.

I have fun photos and stories to share but first the necessary business of unpacking, preparing for the start of the school year, and cleaning the muck out of the van must be done.

I leave you with a photo of my big knitting project, finished in the first half of the trip — a sweater for Mojo.


I feel like my daughter is ready for school with a handknit sweater on her back. Which is looney because it’s 98 degrees and humid today. It will be many months before she can actually wear it.

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