I {heart} NY

During our trip to the Big Apple, we got a little taste of NYC hospitality.

This was taken in a subway station where you are apparently out of luck if you’re lost or have questions. We watched people go up and rap on the window. The guys would point to his sign without even looking at them. It begs the question of WHY the guy was even there at all. We mused that he probably hangs the sign up when he gets there and takes it down when he leaves.



  1. Megan said

    Darn microphon. 🙂 When I went to NYC, we were sold tickets to the Statue of Liberty on the street. We were slightly bummed when we got to the ferry and they were legit. Not having to stand in line was great, but we were hoping for a scamming story!

  2. John said

    I wonder what that guy does all day in there? Hopefully he’s studying for his next job, because he’s not going to be employed there very long doing nothing.

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