Trash-Picked Treasures

Look what John brought home.

This was on the curb in a box of of yard sale leftovers awaiting trash pickup. Isn’t it cool? The original price tag was still in place. Any guesses how much it cost? $1.69. Awesome. Perfect timing, too, since Oli just started taking hot lunches in a thermos last week. His thermos does not fit in his regular lunch box but it fits in this one. I had to customize this so it suits my boy. Since today is Talk Like A Pirate Day, I knew just what to do.


I’d say it’s perfect for “me little scurvy lad.”



  1. ARRR! Nice work, matey! :>)

  2. Amanda said

    I remember either my grandfather and maybe even my father using this style of lunchbox when I was a kid.They are much roomier than modern lunchboxes. You never know what neat stuff you will find in a free box. Love the pirate decor!

  3. jody said

    I LOVE this!!! My son (9yo) would love that lunch box.

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