Murder Most Fowl

A few weeks ago, John went outside to let the birds out and feed them and was greeted by this:


A missing roof board. This board had been loose for some time but we had wedged it into place and that seemed to be doing the trick. We should not have been so lazy, especially since we knew we had a raccoon in the neighborhood. Yes. Mr. Raccoon was back and he was busy. He slaughtered them all.

So ends our chicken keeping experiment. Maybe by spring we’ll feel up to trying again but after such a dismal end, I’m not so sure. The raccoon won.



  1. kelsomom said

    Oh how terrible!! I am SO sorry for your losses. I hope you try again in the spring.

  2. Meg said

    RIP birds. Boo to the Raccoon!

  3. shannon said

    my friend lost her entire flock to something this weekend too. they dont know what yet- but that the chicken coop was emptied. im thinkng raccoon. sorry chickies

  4. John said

    I wouldn’t give up on chickens just yet. Tighten up the wire and the boards on the coop and put a motion detector light out there. That might be enough to scare him off and at least it would let you know something is moving around out there. Catch him in the act, and it’s up to you what happens next. I have seen motion detector sprinklers that might be enough to discourage a coon.

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