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One of my favorite decorations this year was the scarecrow. When we pulled out the Halloween bins last month, we also rediscovered the scarecrow. He was a little too clown-like for my family so the kids pulled out some sharpies and gave him a fiercer visage. He then went in front of my window.


After a few days, the kids started steering clear of him in the yard. One morning, Mojo remarked that he’s haunted.

“Why do you think that?”, I asked.
“Because he’s pointing in a different direction every morning. Some days he’s looking in the window, some days he’s not. I think the looks at us when we play.”

I laughed. The scarecrow is on a swivel base and the wind was making him turn — nothing paranormal in that. While he may not have scared a single bird this past month, he performed his job well in being, well, scary.

Call me mean but I didn’t clue the kids in on the key to his movement. Gotta keep Halloween a little sinister, ya’ know.


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