Christmas PJs

My exams are done and I am elated! I am attacking my holiday “to do” list with gusto. I finally made the long-awaited holiday PJs. This has been a tradition in our house for years. For the past month or so, as my kids have been wearing last years very tattered and outgrown pajamas (but they were Christmas-y so they wanted to wear them), my guilt has grown. I had no time to make them new ones and I haven’t been super inspired to sew anything. My machines sat abandoned. I wasn’t even inspired to buy fabric. Well, my funk is over. I dug through my fabric stash yesterday and pulled out some fun stuff and this is what I came up with.

The bottom pairs are for the boys. Mojo gets two tops just because I felt like it. I gave them to the kids last night. They immediately put them on and we piled into the van and went light looking. At one house there was music playing synchronized with the light display. The kids hopped out of the van and started dancing in their driveway in their holiday PJs! Let the fun begin!!



  1. Meg said

    I have to make Jess some PJ’s this week while I’m a single mom (J is out of town on business until Thursday.) She’s having a PJ party at school on Friday. After Christmas, I have to find my baby patterns (misplaced in the move) and start tackling boys clothes. *wink*

    • simplejill said

      Congratulations!!!!!! A boy!!!! How very exciting!!! We need to sew together!!!!!!

  2. carolyn said

    That is such a nice thing to do. You are a good mom!

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