When I saw these cookies, I knew I had to make them. I’m crazy about anything apricot and especially cookies with apricot. These have the added bonus of ginger in them. I did not have fresh ginger in the house so I used a spoonful of this ginger spread (this stuff is awesome in tea, too). The combo is out of this world!

Every little nibble is sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy. Delicious! Since John does not like apricot anything, I made him his own special batch with lingonberry jam (from Ikea). They look very merry and taste pretty good. The kids have attacked the lingonberry ones pretty heavily. Only DNA and I seem to be blissing out over the apricot-ginger ones. Which just means more cookies for both of us to eat. Oh, I love the holidays!



  1. Meg said

    Yummy! We haven’t made a single Christmas cookie yet. Cookies aren’t super appealing to me when I’m expecting, so I haven’t had any motivation! I usually make an apricot almond rolled up cookie that’s divine. I’ll have to dig up the recipe for you!

  2. auniqueperspective said

    I haven’t made any Christmas cookies yet either. Then again, I tried tolast year and all I made were big old FAIL’s. I think I have better luck just buying them at Trader Joe’s and saying I made them. Heh heh heh.
    by the way $10 giveaway to Stubby Pencil Studio on my blog today if you want to drop by!

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