Soaring Singers

Mojo is in a singing group at school. They are called The Soaring Singers. Since school began, they have been meeting 2x/week to practice and prepare for their concert. It was last night.

There was so much energy on the stage that the singers weren’t the only ones soaring. We all were!

To keep Oli occupied during the show (and all the waiting before the show), John gave him his camera to play with. We have done this in the past to successfully stave off boredom. Of course, last time, Oli was in a seat and limited in his range of movement. He started off calmly snapping photos.

But, the excitement built. Next thing we knew, he was hopping all over the gym with the camera.

You can see where this is leading, can’t you? It wasn’t too long before Oli was back complaining that the camera wasn’t working. There were bits of concrete on it and it was looking kind of mangled. He tripped and fell into the gym wall with it. Oli was fine — not a single boo-boo to kiss. The camera, however, will never be the same.


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