Booking It

For Christmas, our older neighbor gifted my kids something wonderful. She made a date with them to go book shopping. On the appointed day, she handed each child an envelope with a few crisp bills in it and then took them to her favorite used book stores to shop. Together, they explored three stores, chatted, laughed and had fun. They came home with this stack.

This present was most special to me because she gave the kids her time. Sure, she could have just given them her choice of books but she wanted to see what their interests were and open their eyes to some new stuff. And being the retired teacher that she is, she made Oli do his own math when purchasing.

The kids attacked the stack with gusto over vacation. They learned from our neighbor that they can sell the books back to the store when they are done and buy new ones! I predict a few more book hunting excursions in the future. This may become a new neighbor-to-neighbor tradition.


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