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Trash Picked Treasures

I love this chair. I’ve had it for a few years (yes, another John find). I wish the seat wasn’t so ripped up because I am crazy about the orange upholstery. For years, it sat in our bedroom with a sheepskin covering the tattered seat.

I decided last week to give the chair new life in our family room. I’ve been long considering reupholstering it but I’m daunted by the tufted back. I took the easy way out and made a slipcover. For $9 worth of fabric & $3 of twill tape, the chair is transformed.

Maybe one day I’ll be brave (or experienced) enough to do this chair justice. In the meantime, I think I’m going to like it like this.


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Trash-Picked Treasures

This old sled was saved from a landfill last spring. It sat deep in the back of my garage until recently.

I have no idea if it would work as a sled — we don’t seem to get enough snow to try it out. Nor have I ever used a heavy one like this — a plastic one seems so much easier to lug up a hill with a kid on it. Even if this sled never again flies down a hill, it will continue to bring some glee to me as a front-porch holiday decoration. Merry Christmas to all!

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Trash Picked Treasures

This was sitting on my front porch one morning last week, courtesy of a late-night dog walk by John.

I think it will make a really fun beer cooler for our family holiday party. I can also picture it as a neat addition to the back yard this summer. I could plant lettuce in it that no rabbit could reach!

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Trash-Picked Treasures

Look what John brought home.

This was on the curb in a box of of yard sale leftovers awaiting trash pickup. Isn’t it cool? The original price tag was still in place. Any guesses how much it cost? $1.69. Awesome. Perfect timing, too, since Oli just started taking hot lunches in a thermos last week. His thermos does not fit in his regular lunch box but it fits in this one. I had to customize this so it suits my boy. Since today is Talk Like A Pirate Day, I knew just what to do.


I’d say it’s perfect for “me little scurvy lad.”

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Trash Picked Treasures

I see lots of mattresses on the curb when driving around. Thrown away mattresses have no appeal to me unless, like this one I saw last week, they are NEW.


Yes, it is brand new and still sealed in plastic and had a free sign on it. We popped it in the van immediately. I’ve been dreaming about a daybed for my screened porch for a while. Perhaps it’s time for my daybed. I’ll let you know when I find the rest of it out there.

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Trash Picked Treasures

This table was found a few months back.


It’s from Bombay Company.  There were many scratches on the surface and the top was extremely wobbly.  Since the weather has been too cold here to paint (I paint outdoors or in the garage), it sat in the garage for a while.  I finally got around to finishing it.  Now look at it!


It’s the perfect companion for my Trash-picked Rocking Chair.

For details on how this table was refinished, click HERE.

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Trash Picked Treasures

I love it when I find the perfect piece of furniture at just the moment I need it. Like this piece.
Perfect? Yes, perfect. Here’s why — John recently ordered a new TV and we needed a stand for it. Days before the TV was set to be delivered, I stumbled upon this piece. The style? I know, what style? The brown color, all the brass handles and those decorative doors all scream “ugly furniture” to me. The size, however, was perfect. After getting it home, I discovered that it is from an expensive local furniture store. I was certain I could turn it into our new TV stand in just a few day.

And I did.

For details on how this piece was transformed, visit my new blog devoted to transforming found objects into treasures for your home.

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