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Freezer Cooking

I love to cook but doing it every day gets old. One way I manage to put meals on the table without burning out in the kitchen is by bulk cooking. An example is this — I bought 10lbs of chicken legs on sale this past week for 59cents/lb. That’s a good deal and a lot of meals can be made from it. When I got home, I immediately cooked all the chicken and parceled it into meal-sized portions.

(yes, I put it on my porch to cool down before making it to the freezer — it was freezing outside).

Then, I plan meals based on what I have. Out of those 10 lbs of bird, I can make:
1 chicken nacho layer dip (gone)
1 meal of chicken taco stew (with bulk cooked & frozen beans, hominy, squash & home-grown veggies — all from the freezer)
buffalo chicken dip (superbowl)
chicken pot pie
chicken & dumplings
lots of broth for soup
and lots of chicken scraps to feed our slightly underweight doggie

Having the chicken already cooked makes meal prep so much easier — I can just assemble & cook or toss in the crockpot. Later this week, I”m planning to bulk cook some pork I have. I imagine it will become more mexican food (carnitas, anyone?). Stay tuned!


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