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Home Building

It is finally finished! After over 20 pieces of gingerbread, 1 hour of painstaking assembly, 24 hours of drying, 6 boxes of candy, 3 hyper kids, and a whirlwind of decoration, I present the gingerbread house of 2009.

Our home.

Front view:

Back view:

Yes, that is a pony in the back yard. No, we do not have a pony but it’s Christmas time so we can pretend.

It even has a chicken coop and sagging roof. There are cracks and mismatched bits and pieces. In short it is just like home sweet home.

The dough recipe came from here. In the past, I’ve used a recipe that includes butter, but, since no one here actually eats the gingerbread, I made a shortening-based recipe this year. This dough was the perfect consistancy to work with. We’re already dreaming of next year’s creation. I’m thinking it’s time to simplify.


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Gingerbread Baking

Yesterday was a very gingerbread day. I made two double batches of dough and a couple dozen little men. Is there anything better than drinking hot cocoa and decorating cookies?

Why, yes, decorating and drinking with Uncle Bob.

We were all pretty silly from all the sugar. There were striped cookies, cookies covered with candy, broken & maimed cookies, and my personal favorite, Mojo’s “bikini” cookie.

The gingerbread fest continues today with the completion of this year’s gingerbread house. I think I went a little crazy with the design. Here’s a teaser — the template.

And baked.

The assembly took an hour of painstaking propping and “glueing” with royal icing. Today is the day to heap on piles of candy (and more icing) and hope the roof holds. Stay tuned for pictures.

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