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Buche de Noel

Because I’ve always wanted to make one, and because it was the day before Christmas and I still felt the need to bake, it seemed like a good idea to make this traditional Christmas Eve cake.

The recipe for the cake came from here. I made the white frosting — a type of white-chocolate-cream-cheese-whipped cream mixture. I originally attempted to make white chocolate ganache but it didn’t work out so then I improvised. For the outside of the cake, I used *gasp* chocolate frosting from a can.

We made mushrooms for the cake out of marshmallows. It’s traditional to use meringue but marshmallow seemed an easier option — and one the kids could participate in.

As I look at my kitchen sink, piled high with every bowl and pan imaginable, I can now say that I am officially done with my holiday baking.


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