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Life with baby

Life with Clio is going well. It’s been shocking adjusting the the frequent wakings of a newborn — especially one who is bottle fed and is required to sleep in a crib — no snoozing and nursing like with my babes. Sleep deprivation has caused many of my normal activities (sewing, cooking, etc.) to slow down. The upside of bottle feeding, however, is that John and I can take turns caring for baby at night. I go to sleep early and he stays up with her later. I do the first night feed, he does any later ones. We’re slowly falling into a routine and even baby is getting a routine. She has surprised us a few times by sleeping through the night (from 11pm to 6:30am). Unbelievable for a baby who isn’t even 6 weeks old yet. Baby is thriving, too. She’s gained 2 lbs since joining our home and remains easy to settle and calm. She now cracks an occasional grin at us and is more alert and wiggly. Her situation is still up in the air and we have no idea how long she’ll be part of our home. She has a court date on Monday and hopefully soon a plan will be in place for her future.


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