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Click over to my new blog. I’ve been playing with my sewing machines, come see what I’ve made.


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Robot Boy

This semester is so much lighter at school that I am getting back into my sewing groove. I made this yesterday for my boy.

The pattern is from the latest Ottobre Design magazine.

For years, we have been teasing Oli that he has a “skipping button” since he skips a lot. Oli decided that the green button is his real “skipping button”. We pressed it many times this morning and it does, in fact, work. I can’t wait to see what his other buttons do. Good thing I sewed each one on firmly — I predict they will all get a bit of use.

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Queen Bee

I made this hat last week. This is a pattern I’ve been wanting to try for a while — it’s from one of the Stitch & Bitch books.

I love that this hat would fit a wide range of head sizes from toddler to adult. I haven’t decided what to do with this one. I knit it with someone in mind but now I want to keep it because I’m kind of crazy-obsessed with honey bees. And this may be the closest I’ll come to having a hive since my husband isn’t exactly sharing my desire for backyard bees. Maybe I’ll let it just sit for a bit on my desk while ideas of what to do with it buzz around my head.

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Hot Breakfast

I know how to make a couple boys happy on a Saturday morning — make fresh cinnamon rolls!

These were made with brioche dough. The recipe is from one of my favorite baking books — Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. When I first got my mitts on this book (from the library), I quickly memorized the basic boule recipe and have made it almost weekly. It is so good that bread is now my “assignment” for family gatherings because this bread is way better than any you can buy. I tried a few other recipes, like this brioche. After checking this book out of the library for maybe the 8th time, I decided this books makes my very select cut of cookbooks and bought a copy. Now it sits on my kitchen counter, beckoning to me to bake more bread.

So what’s a girl to do? Back to the kitchen I go!

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Little Critters

Mojo needed new mittens. We were trolling through mitten patterns on Ravelry (my favorite knitting site) when we both saw these and squealed! Unfortunately, the pattern is only in Finnish. Fortunately, I know how to make mittens so I improvised.

Now, Mojo has happy, fluffy friends to go to school with her. And I sense a hedgehog obsession coming on. Good thing I have lots of yarn left over.

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Freezer Cooking

I love to cook but doing it every day gets old. One way I manage to put meals on the table without burning out in the kitchen is by bulk cooking. An example is this — I bought 10lbs of chicken legs on sale this past week for 59cents/lb. That’s a good deal and a lot of meals can be made from it. When I got home, I immediately cooked all the chicken and parceled it into meal-sized portions.

(yes, I put it on my porch to cool down before making it to the freezer — it was freezing outside).

Then, I plan meals based on what I have. Out of those 10 lbs of bird, I can make:
1 chicken nacho layer dip (gone)
1 meal of chicken taco stew (with bulk cooked & frozen beans, hominy, squash & home-grown veggies — all from the freezer)
buffalo chicken dip (superbowl)
chicken pot pie
chicken & dumplings
lots of broth for soup
and lots of chicken scraps to feed our slightly underweight doggie

Having the chicken already cooked makes meal prep so much easier — I can just assemble & cook or toss in the crockpot. Later this week, I”m planning to bulk cook some pork I have. I imagine it will become more mexican food (carnitas, anyone?). Stay tuned!

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The Last Pair

I have finally finished my winter slipper knitting. DNA’s pair was the last one off the needles. He was skeptical that these would fit him.

After three runs through the washing machine on hot, they shrunk down and have found a home on his feet.

He loves them and wouldn’t take them off even for a photo. I’d call them a knitting success.

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